Representative office in Estonia

Service of CargoFloor moving floor system

CargoFloor moving floor system is a complex multi-component mechanism that includes both mechanical and hydraulic parts and units. Some of these components are rather expensive, that is why, so that CargoFloor moving floor system served for many years it needs to be maintained timely, and in case of failure, repair should be made by professional specialists with the necessary knowledge and experience of working with CargoFloor system.

Being an official importer of CargoFloor systems our company can offer services on professional repair and maintenance of any CargoFloor moving floor systems. Repair and maintenance is carried out by our own and third party employees, who passed special training on working with CargoFloor systems, and also have extensive professional experience in this field.

Currently, repairs are carried out only on the territory of Saint-Petersburg, but our chain of repair shops is constantly expanding and in the near future you will be able to enjoy our services in other cities.

We make repair of CargoFloor assemblies and units, as well as replacement of original CargoFloor parts, including:
- Overhaul of CargoFloor moving floors;

- Replacement of floor profiles, guides, seals and tips;

- Control of output of the moving floor;

- Control of the hydraulic condition of the moving floor system;

- Replacement and repair of hydraulic components of the moving floor system.

Undoubted advantages of working with our company include the low cost of spare parts, their availability in stock almost for all demanded items, as well as specialization of our company exactly on CargoFloor systems, which allows to make repair of any complexity within the shortest time and at a high professional level.

Our company provides an official warranty for all repairs and installed parts.

In the course of execution of any works we provide information support to our clients on technical operation and adjustment of operation of CargoFloor moving floor system.